Critter Diving for the Photographer and Videographer

Let Kasawari Lembeh Resort in North Sulawesi introduce you to sea creatures never seen before. When planning your scuba vacation experience, remember that we have the necessary experience to guide divers to new, colorful, and exciting creatures in unexpected nooks and crannies throughout Lembeh Strait. Unique creatures and beautiful underwater vistas await. We keep our scuba diving groups small and manageable to help our customers encounter that critter diving they want to find in just the way they want their adventure. If you have tried diving Indonesia before, or if you are new to scuba in this area, try Kasawari Lembeh Resort. Personalization is our specialty. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal. We will help create the dive of your life!

Have You Tried Diving Indonesia?

Many of those gorgeous close-up marine life pictures in books, on TV, or on the Internet have their start in Indonesia. Fish and other sea life in every shade of the rainbow, every color in a crayon box call this area home. If you are an underwater photographer or videographer you must experience diving Indonesia. While there are a good variety of critter diving choices in this area, none offer luxury accommodations and personalized service like Kasawari Lembeh Resort does. We insure that our dive groups are small enough to give attention to your preferences. Our guides know this area well, and can maneuver you through coral reefs and hidden areas to discover that perfect shot and unusual critter you have been looking for. When you return for the evening, our luxury accommodations and first class service help you unwind and prepare for another perfect diving day. For a trip to remember, visit us at Kasawari Lembeh Resort.



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