What Makes Lembeh Strait Diving Special?

The internet is full of enticing offers for a scuba diving photographer. Sifting through them can be a challenge. Consider that choosing Lembeh Strait diving includes a chance to photograph several sea creatures found no where else. At Kasawari Lembeh Resort we offer that luxury dive resort experience you are looking for. For an experienced diver who has made many scuba dive trips, or for a novice new to this sport, Kasawari Lembeh Resort will make your trip a memorable one.

Scuba Dive Trips are Not All the Same

Many people think our world's oceans and major waterways have all have the same kinds of life. Actually, just as Australia, Africa, and North America have different on-land wildlife, so it is with the underwater world. Scuba dive trips can vary greatly in the kinds and number of creatures you encounter or photograph. Diving North Sulawesi provides adventure that will set your heart racing. Many consider this the best muck diving on the planet, with a new creature around every bend. At Kasawari Lembeh Resort our dives are specifically designed for you, and our boutique resort atmosphere will bring you back time and again. Browse our site and we are sure you will agree that we are the best choice for quality diving available.

Have You Tried Diving North Sulawesi?

A discerning underwater photographer is always looking for unique opportunities. If you have not yet tried diving North Sulawesi, it should be next on your list. Our Kasawari Lembeh Resort offers Lembeh Strait diving to your specifications. We will help you discover that exotic marine life and those beautiful underwater locations you are looking for. Take some time to look through our pages and discover that we are the right choice for a diver who wants control and choice in a diving vacation.



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