Muck Diving Requires Skilled Guides

This kind of recreation is in the details. Muck diving focuses on tiny creatures that can be easily missed if one moves too fast. Kasawari Lembeh Resort has experienced guides to create the scuba dive trips you desire. Diving in beautiful Lembeh Strait is our specialty. Many scuba diving resorts see you as one of many. We see you as one in a million.

Scuba Dive Trips that You Design

Experienced divers know just what they want. And new divers need some help in planning. At Kasawari Lembeh Resort we provide just the right support for each. Our scuba dive trips are personalized, and our groups are small enough to provide individual attention in order for your trip to be really satisfying. Here is a small sampling of the intriguing undersea creatures you can expect to encounter on your adventure:

  • Frogfish
  • Pygmy Seahorses
  • Stonefish
  • Stargazers
  • Scorpionfish
  • Several varieties of Octopuses

Our experienced dive masters work hard to insure that your trip is remembered for years to come.

Try Diving Manado for Adventure

The beautiful waters of Indonesia are sometimes overlooked by divers. There is no better place on earth for underwater adventure than Lembeh Strait and excursions to these waters will leave you with videos and photographs you will never forget. While there are several resorts to choose from in the area, few have the expertise in diving Manado and surrounding areas that Kasawari Lembeh Resort can offer. Our villas are beautiful and luxurious with Internet and tea or coffee service in your quarters. You are an individual to the staff at Kasawari Lembeh, and we strive to meet your expectations, both in the water and on the land.

All These Scuba Diving Resorts Look the Same

We sympathize. Many look exactly alike and it's hard to tell what makes one preferable from another. Kasawari Lembeh Resort is different. We are a boutique resort focused on personalized service to discriminating divers. We know all the best spots for muck diving. Our seasoned guides can make diving Manado and Lembeh Strait a unique experience each time you enter the water. When you are comparing scuba diving resorts, look closely at Kasawari Lembeh. We offer attention to detail and focus on each diver that is impossible in bigger locations. Visit Kasawari Lembeh Resort for VIP treatment every day.



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